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The artist has mainly worked on graffiti letter styles and expresses the connection and flow between the letters of Hangul which can be read and understood so readily by the viewers. He aims to leave many works that depict the unexpected placement of graffiti yet the directness of Hangul on the streets.

“There are many forms of expressions in graffiti, but the basic is the act of repeatedly writing one’s name or the name of the crew that one belongs to on the street. I mainly did a lot of letter-style works with my name, but one day while I was drawing on the wall of a busy tunnel, a passer-by came up to me and asked me if I can draw something more bright and pretty rather than the dark ones. Honestly, when drawing on the street, this happens quite often, and there are a lot more people who sometimes respond with more negativity.

Usually, I don’t get distracted by these words and focused on drawing again, but this interaction got stuck in my head and kept me thinking.
I suddenly thought, even though I had always wanted to draw something that would connect with many people maybe I had avoided drawing in any other style than graffiti because I didn’t believe I had originality or the capability.

Without a doubt, graffiti is still my favorite and it is my root which will never be taken away from me, but I had been intoxicated with the sense of doing something different from others for a long time.
After recognizing this part of myself, I wanted my works to sympathize and convey my thoughts and emotions to the viewers than fulfill personal gratification, and I believed this process would also improve my graffiti technique immensely.

The directness of Hangul, which anyone can recognize and feel the meaning as soon as they see it, was very attractive to me, and I began to work on words and thoughts I found in my day-to-day as I felt an intersection with when I tagged with markers or sprays with alphabets on the street.”

-Notes from REMIZ-




2021 Coex Winter:ASCEND-(Bisang) NFT Group, Coex, Seoul
2021 <BOUNDARY 2021> Group Exhibition, Kwanhoon Gallery, Seoul
2018 <Frame Or Canvas> Group Exhibition, Eco rock Gallery, Seoul

2022 Yeongdeok Culture & Tourism Foundation, Hangul Graffiti
2022 <Foreground:도시전경>, Euljiro Shutter Art Project
2021 <PIECE PROJECT>, Hangul Graffiti, Kwanhoon Gallery

2022 YG K+ Graffiti
2021 Red Bull Car Graffiti
2021, 2017 Silicon Alley(동탄) Graffiti

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