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[Beginning of 無名(Moo-Myeong, the unknown) and its shape and form]
The arms long enough to clasp everything, the chunky legs that waddle when walking, and the wide shoulders give a sense of grandeur and fear. Visually compelling and without any expressions, it observes the inner emotions and expressions of the humans he has made. It accepts all the appearances of these emotions and expressions as they are and is depicted as a companion to the life of ups and downs.

[Reason for creating 無名(Moo-Myeong)]
Diverse emotions and expressions are natural, and all emotions and expressions that exist in the world are accepted and used for narratives that embrace them. Life with emotions and expressions will always be atypical or disproportionate. In a way, this precariousness can be a gift or a punishment in life. And Moo-Myeong finds these forms of emotions and expressions as a norm and evolves as a being that either accepts or defies these inner parts of life.

[Reason for existence of 無名(Moo-Myeong)]
We always long for an existence that either understands or accompanies our inner selves. Why? I believe humans feel a sense of fulfillment in co-existing and sharing emotions and expressions with one another. Also, I find sharing emotions and expressions as a way of living to be the most wholesome. However, we often lose that sensibility due to many constraints and social structures. Through Moo-Myeong, while it has no facial expressions, I depict the innerness of complex yet subtle emotions through postures and gestures. From Moo-Myeong’s existence to the depiction of the inner world, I intend to create a space where viewers can share emotions and expressions and offer a form of being that we all longed for a wholesome life, at least visually.

- Notes from the artist, Shunita -




2022 <Journey of Emotions>, Kwanhoon Gallery, Seoul
2021 <간극 속의 명암 >, tya Gallery, Seoul
2020 <기로에 서서>, Bincan Euljiro, Seoul

2022 <The Void>, Yeon Hee Art, Seoul
2021 <Under 200>, Art So Hyang, Busan
2021 <Things in Everyday Life>, Musinsa Terrace, Seoul
2021 <Laboratory>, 9AND, FE26, Seoul
2021 < 다시 만날때 까지 part. 2 >, Showandtell, Seoul
2017 <한일 크리에이터 교류전 ‘공감’>, Silk Gallery at Embassy of Japan in Korea, Seoul

2022 Kabinett Pop-up Store, Rent Project #6, Seoul
2022 Lalan Art Market <Laket vol.3>, Lalan, Seoul
2021 그림도시 2주차, Oaahagency, Ground Seesaw Seongsu, Seoul
2021 noncontempo pop up "travel", Noncontempo, Seoul

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