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<People of ‘Black Dot’>

We, including myself, live in relationships with one another.
Concerns that stem from me eventually lead to relationships with others. Even if one wishes to be alone, it isn’t possible as we are always surrounded by someone. The artist expresses the feelings of emptiness and anxiety arising from various relationships connected to oneself, others, and the community.

The faceless figures of “black dots” represent me, you, or us. The different faces or facades created in one’s lifetime are all within in. A sense of relief yet emptiness of being intertwined with others is expressed through the postures of the anonymous black dot figure. The works of ‘Black Dot’ were first studied in the form of a crowd but it is now concentrated on the individual’s narrative.

- Notes from the artist, Woo Young Choi -




Solo Exhibition
2022 Tilde: Still Life (Kwanhoon Gallery, Seoul)
2022 A Blue Day (Artflow, Online exclusive show)
2021 Pieces of crowd (Mansion9, Seoul)
2020 고독의 시간: Isolation (United Gallery, Seoul)
2019 People In The Crowd (Chungpa Gallery, Seoul)

Group Exhibition
2022 YOUTHFUL22 (Gallery Choi, Seoul) 2022 Tyble 1st Anniversary Exhibition <Assembled> (Sinchon Munhwagwan, Seoul)
2022 Selected exhibition <일상으로의 복귀> (Gallery Chodang, Gangneung)
2022 My Love, My Universe (Klamp gallery, Seoul)
2022 Joint Exhibition <모두의 방, 작은 시간> (TYA Haebangchon, Seoul)
2022 MagazineQ 10th Anniversary Exhibition (Gallery H, Seoul)
2021 <젊은 작가 응원 프로젝트 2021> (Uhyeonmoon Gallery, Incheon)
2021 Joint Exhibition <틈새: 공존의 재해석> (Bincan, Seoul)
2021 <소동전> (ARTRIE Gallery, Seoul)
2020 <6th Friendship: Mentor-Mentee> (Hanwon Museum of Art, Seoul)

Art fair / Auction
2022 Insadong Young Artists & NFT Art Fair (Anyounginsadong, Seoul)
2022 URBAN BREAK (Coex, Seoul)
2022 Herald Art Day <July Charity Auction> (Summit Gallery, Seoul)
2022 Bincan Art Festival (LAYER57, Seoul)
2022 ZEROBASE : The Edit(Seoul AuctionxSSG, Seoul)
2021 <Side by side>(Starfield Goyang Central Atrium, Goyang)
2021 ASYAAF (Hongik Museum of Art, Seoul)
2020 ASYAAF 아시아프 (Hongik Museum of Art, Seoul)

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