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Art Collaboration

PIECE: Because I Love


HYPHEN, Kwanhoon Gallery

‘PIECE.’ project showcases artists’ works in live painting on a recycled graffiti wall that was used for BOUNDARY exhibition in August 2021. The live painting is held at Kwanhoon gallery which is located in the traditional part of Seoul, Insa-dong, and the modern murals from the selected artists create a notable contrast. This project is co-organized by HYPHEN and Kwanhoon gallery and will continue as long as possible to showcase many different works.

We invited REMIZ for PIECE.1 on Nov. 12th 2021. REMIZ is a graffiti writer and artist who not only works with alphabet letters but also Korean letters as well, which established his unique style. He aims to depict the unexpected placement of graffiti yet the directness of Hangul on the streets.

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